darryl: geek?

Well, you can read through all of this geekiness, or you can just pick one of the following:
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not geek geek
  • Volunteers at film festivals.
  • Loves old black-and-white photo booths.
  • Sometimes misses his Ngin-Ngin.
  • Spaceballs? Ew.
  • Has never seen an entire Python movie.6 (Thanks, Josh from Israel.)
  • Lost at Scrabble again. (Sorry, Grace.)
  • Babylon 5? Puh-leeze.
  • Red Dwarf? Ungh.
  • Orson Scott Who? (Thanks, Grace.)
  • Doesn't own a Nintendo or Playstation, and isn't really that big into games at all. Don't have the hand-eye coordination, nor the patience, anymore. [Unless they're from Berkeley Systems.]
  • Worries that this list is way too short. (A real geek wouldn't care, right? :-)
  • 5Learned more about physics from The Physics of Star Trek than from any class he ever took. (Then again, he never took physics.)
  • Is too old to be snowboarding in Tahoe, isn't he?
  • His old web pages have plenty of broken links. (Thanks to Nathan Burke for pointing this out!)
  • Gets out once in a while. (Of course that was Aug. 22, _1996_, but hey, i've got tickets to see 'em again on Oct. 30, _1998_. Yay.)
  • Went to see some art.
  • Thinks the Internet can be useful.
  • Went houseboating on Lake Shasta and didn't bring his laptop, or digital camera.4
  • Loves South Park, but has no links to it other than a picture of his new Cartman bank from Ben and Mary. Thanks!
  • Doesn't have any silly attachment to dim-lit workareas that some geeks claim help them work better or longer. (And i guess that means i'm not a goth either.)3
  • Hates Babylon 5. (See geek code.)
  • Really doesn't care much for anime. (Although Akira was ok.)
  • Hates Fry's.
  • Drives Miata.
  • Hiked Half Dome.
  • Ran the Bay to Breakers.
  • Is particular about correct spelling and word usage, as well as grammar and punctuation.2
  • Has cat.
  • Was on MTV.
  • Snowboards in Tahoe.

Yeah, i know, the cat's named Linux -- my ex-girlfriend named him that. You're right, my snowboard link points to the rec.skiing FAQ, the web version of which i maintain, and there's also those Tahoe pages that i obsess over too. So what? Like it says, i'm a geek. Oh, and just so you know, i didn't put a period after my meta geek code because i didn't want people to think that it contained a dot.

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