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More Jamba?

Blame Ming. He mentioned he was gonna try ordering off the secret menu, so I felt obliged to update here with some mails that have come in since my last update.

First off, some new drinks that people wrote in to tell me about (without giving me recipes): Blue Gummy Bear, Red Gummy Bear, and Fruity Pebbles.

And now the goods -- new recipes:

Sour Patch Kid... (from Karen)
  Original size,
  12 oz lemonade
  one scoop of each sherbert, lime, 
    pineapple, raspberry, and orange
  one scoop of blueberries

Fruity Pebbles (from Ninja Sauce)
  -Soymilk (tell them you want the Protiene 
  Berry Pizzaz, and you want to substitute 
  everything except the soymilk with...
  -Orange sherbert
  -Rasp sherbert
  -Lime sherbert
  -Pineapple sherbert

PB&J Sandwich (from Candi)
  12oz soymilk
  2 scoops fro yo
  2 strawberry
  1 blueberry

And finally I found another site that's tracking a bit of this stuff, and they allow comments, so why don't you go post your recipe there, ok? :-}

Your feedback, as always, is welcome.