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I want one. Glady wants one.

But even reduced to $299, it's *too much*. I mean, I'm going to be buying books on it. Lots of books, I reckon. First chapter free? Isn't that what a drug dealer says? "C'mon, the first taste is free..."

So why isn't the Kindle subsidized, a la cell phones? You know, where it's $49-$99 if I agree to be locked me in to Book of the Month club or join Oprah's Favorite Books for 2 years. Or remember the old Columbia House CD deals where you'd get 12 CDs for a penny but then you have to buy one CD a month for the next year or two? Or "return it at no cost" (except shipping and handling). I'd *totally* agree to buy 12 NYT Bestsellers in the next year. Boom, $120 right there. Please give me my $99 Kindle.

I'd even, maybe, consider getting a subscription to the New York Times to get a cheaper Kindle, except that apparently that offer is only valid if you can't get local delivery. What? Only folks that live in the sticks can get cheap Kindles with their NYT subscriptions? Who in the sticks wants the NYT? (Apologies to sophisticated yokels.)

Ok, so they're offering them free to... 6 colleges. Great. Also, duh, why didn't you do that in the first place? Oh wait, because the textbook market is a racket. Still, it would be great for those "course readers" (assuming the greedy copyright owners don't try to extract royalties for printing a single article, which is also an ongoing fight.

ANYways. Googling for what I thought was an obvious idea, I found an article arguing that the high cost of Kindle hardware is actually subsidizing cheap e-books. It's an interesting take that I hadn't even thought of. I don't know if I buy it, but it would explain why Amazon are being such jerks.

Also, here's a detailed analysis of the actual costs of a book vs. an e-book. After a while my eyes started to glaze over. But it seems to say that publishers are *not* really losing money at $9.99 a title, which contradicts the "hardware subsidizes cheap books" argument above.

A few last links: analysis of how much it costs to print the NYT and a nice in-depth review of the experience of reading the NYT on a Kindle 2

So yeah, did I mention I really want one?

Your feedback, as always, is welcome.