Section 09: Miscellaneous

9.01) "What is the plural of the word 'ski'?"

Glad you asked. One ski, two skis. 'Skies' is the plural of sky.

9.02) "What will the conditions be like at <favorite area> in <favorite month>?"

TCWBWIHTBATPT, or The Conditions Will Be Whatever They Happens To Be At That Particular Time. People who claim to be able to predict conditions for longer than 10 minutes in advance are probably lying to you. Don't buy any real-estate from them.

9.03) "What's the phone number for <insert favorite area>?"

Mike Rizzi maintains a list of ski-related phone numbers. This list is periodically posted to rec.skiing. OK, so now it's even part of the FAQ...see an earlier posting.

9.04) "What's the best place to ski?"

This one is easy. Vail. Or was it Jackson Hole? Could be Taos.'s Alta. No, I mean Whistler. Tuckerman's Ravine! Naw, it's Crystal Mountain. Unless of course you include the East Coast then I'm *sure* it's Lake Placid. Or Killington. Definitely somewhere in Vermont. Or make that Montana. No, I meant to say Sun Valley. Did I say Sun Valley? I meant Snowbird. Which isn't in Colorado. Oh yeah, Colorado! Ajax fer sure!. Unless you'd rather ski Highlands. Well I guess there's only one thing for sure: it's NOT Heavenly! :-)

9.05) "What's the best place to eat?"

Hey no way man, you want me to divulge my favorite restaurtants? Fast service, good food, and turn them into crowded places? No broadcast man, only one-on-one email...... Pierce Street Annex was great until the word got out!

- Famous rec.skiing net.person who shall remain nameless...
...but his initials are Eugene Miya.

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