Section 05: Technique

5.01) "Are there any good books on technique?"

Whenever this question comes up 14 people will reply that you should go purchase a copy of Lito Tejada-Flores' book "Breakthrough on Skis". Available at your local bookstore or from the Third Hand (916-926-2600).

A list of texts often mentioned on the net:

We Learned to Ski     Handbook of Skiing     Breakthough on Skis
Harold Evans          Karl Gamm              Lito Tadjada-Flores
St. Martins Press     Knopf                  Vintage
ISBN 0-312-85859-0    ISBN 0-679-72836-8     ISBN 0-394-7470
$12.95                $16.95                 $10.95
Note that this is one of the more hotly debated topics on this group. The conversation ususally goes: "Lito's book is great!" "Naw, Lito's full of it!". Whatever. Check out the books and decide for yourself. Just remember that no book is ever a substitute for a couple of hours with a good instructor!

Check out section 17 of the FAQ for more book references.

5.02) "So how should I get started anyway?"

Lessons. Take lessons. In fact, even if you think you're a skiing god already you should probably take some lessons. Unless your friend happens to be an instructor you probably should *not* let your friend "teach you to ski". Many areas offer extremely attractive "first time skier" packages. These packages will often include ski gear, a ticket, and instruction at a very low price.

Many areas have ski clubs that offer free instruction. For the same price of a regular discount bus trip you go with a ski club that you can socialize with regularly. You get free instruction and always have someone to ski with. Besides the discount rates, when you take the bus you save yourself from angst that comes with driving home in blowing snowstorms after a long day skiing.