Section 06: Transportation

6.01) "What's the best ski-mobile ever made?"

The Pisten Bully. However very few of them are street legal.

6.02) "I have a 4WD but I don't know which wheels to chain up"

RTFM. Most manuals will tell you which tires to chain up. There is no single correct answer to this question as 4WD systems vary. If you don't have a manual then call the manufacturer and ask them.

6.03) "Should I buy chains or cables?"

Depends. Chains are probably more effective than cables but the limited clearance between the tires and the wheel wells on some cars make chains a non-option. In either case you should be careful that the traction device is *tight* on the tire and do NOT exceed the manufacturer's recommended top speed (unless you really like thrashing your wheel wells to death).

Note: one person reports a problem with Security Chain Co. cable chains equipped with a quick release. Apparently there is a strut member on Honda Accords and some other Japanese cars that catches on the quick release and causes the cable to come off. Apparently their "Whitestar" model does not have this problem.

Whether you buy chains or cables you should practice installing them at home where it's warm and dry. The middle of the night in the middle of a snow-storm is NOT the time to start reading the instructions!

Note: the plastic traction devices are pretty much useless. Don't waste your time or money.

6.04) "What's the best roof rack for skis?"

This question usually will start a semi-religious argument between the Thule lovers and the Yakima lovers. Suffice it to say that both the Thule and the Yakima systems are fine, although somewhat expensive, systems. The major difference between the two systems is that Thule uses a square (rectangular) cross-section bar while Yakima uses a round bar. Either system offers a wealth of attachment options ranging from windsurfer racks to luggage nets. Either system is probably going to lighten your wallet by well over $100.00 US.

By the way, Yakima racks are NOT made in Yakima Washington. Nor are they manufactured in Eureka California. The Yakima production facilities are in Arcata California (which is right next to Eureka).

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