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On the older version of this page, there was a graphic that said: "vi: The Ubiquitous Editor." That pretty much sums up why i use vi. It's everywhere. At work, and at play, i jump around between numerous Unix machines. And on every single one, vi is already there. No need to install it, like some text editors.

Anyways. This site has a "badge" that you can wear on your lapel, your car bumper, wherever. Lots of people have chosen to put it on their web pages to show that their web pages were created, or maintained with the vi editor. If you want to do the same thing, go for it.

i'm feeling lazy, so here's some quick and dirty links. Other people have far more dedication and time to devote to the "vi cause."

vi Powered! home page (Out of service)
The original vi Powered! page, in Spain, which started me on this crazy journey.

The VI Pages - All About VI and its clones.
He's not kidding when he says "All About VI." Comprehensive to the point of overkill.

Vi Lovers Home Page
Fairly short and sweet. Gets the job done without overwhelming you.

Yahoo's vi links

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