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Last updated **17 December 1998**

The rec.skiing Frequently Asked Questions List

-or- Everything you always wanted to know about skiing and were *just* about to ask by posting.

The rec.skiing FAQ is a work in progress and is maintained by Glen Baker ( The html version was created by Darren Foltinek, but is now maintained by Darryl Lee ( Additions and corrections to the FAQ are welcome. If you have an addition or correction to make please take the time to write it out in the format of the FAQ so that I don't have to try to figure out how to say what you're trying to say!


The rec.skiing FAQ is a compendium of questions and answers that frequently appear on rec.skiing. Neither the contributors to the FAQ, the posters of the FAQ, nor their employers make any claim whatsoever regarding the accuracy or safety of ANYTHING in the FAQ. Any item that may appear to be offering either medical or legal advice is doing neither.
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